Instagram Chatbot

How to set up a chatbot and send messages

  • How to Reset Permissions for Business Applications on Facebook

    Last Updated: 28.10.2022

    To enable integrations, Facebook creates a temporary token that allows applications to make changes to your page.

  • How to Create an Instagram Chatbot

    Last Updated: 11.05.2023

    A chatbot is an automated multifunctional assistant that can send and receive triggered messages. With SendPulse, your bot can save information as variables for future usage.

  • How to Create an Instagram Business Account and How Account Types Differ

    Last Updated: 18.08.2022

    There are three types of accounts on Instagram: "Personal" — you can share photos with your friends and family, create Stories, and broadcast live. This type of account is not intended for the sale of goods or services. Also, in the privacy settings, you can choose between a private or public account.

  • Troubleshooting Checklist for Connecting an Instagram Chatbot

    Last Updated: 07.03.2023

    If you're having issues connecting your Instagram chatbot or sending messages through the chatbot, follow these steps to make sure everything is set up correctly.

  • How to Create a Flow for an Instagram Chatbot

    Last Updated: 16.05.2023

    The flow builder is the main tool to set up your bot to welcome new subscribers, assist users, sell products, and notify a manager about users’ questions in the chatbot. Also, a chatbot can gather information and send it to your system for future use.

  • How to Create a Greeting Menu for an Instagram Chatbot

    Last Updated: 18.08.2022

    Use the chatbot's greeting menu to answer users' frequently asked questions, help them contact a manager, or start specific flows.

  • How to Create a Persistent Menu for an Instagram Chatbot

    Last Updated: 18.08.2022

    Use the chatbot menu to help users find the information they need. Create commands that trigger specific flows.

  • How to Сreate an Instagram Ad via Facebook to Run a Сhatbot

    Last Updated: 19.08.2022

    You can set up targeted Facebook ads to promote your products and services through Instagram and run chatbot flows for users who responded to your ads. With ads, you can strengthen your brand, attract new audiences, and maintain communication with customers.

  • How to Send an Instagram Chatbot Campaign

    Last Updated: 31.05.2023

    Campaigns on Instagram are a way to promote your brand or company to reach a larger and more targeted audience. In SendPulse, you can send campaigns on Instagram with text, images, cards, and payment buttons — buttons that can redirect recipients to your site or launch an automation flow for bulk notifications to your subscribers or segmented group.

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