Segmentation by Phone Number

If mailing lists in your SendPulse account contain clients' phone numbers and you are sending SMS-campaigns to them, there is an option to segment recipients according to their mobile phone numbers.

*Cell phone numbers must be listed in the international format: first goes the country code, then the mobile network code (service carrier code): 49 151......., 1 250 .......

This example displays segmentation by the mobile network operator code — this kind of segmentation comes in handy if you don't have a registered sender name with some of your clients' cell service carriers.

Using this kind of segmentation will limit recipients of your SMS-campaign only to the operators whose network codes you will specify in the segmentation filter.

Open the Email tab in your SendPulse account and go to "Send SMS" menu


Specify the "SMS from" parameter, add the message text, pick a mailing list in the "Recipients" box and tick the "Use segmentation" option.


The segmentation menu will open.
Tick "New segment" option


Select such parameters in the drop-down menus:



"Starts with" 


Then add mobile network code to the last box: first, specify the country code and then provide the mobile service provider code.

Each service provider, whose numbers you intend to include in the SMS campaign, requires own segmentation criterium: click on "Add the list segmentation criteria" to add another one.

Important!!! Make sure the "Addresses match..." option is in the "ANY from the following actions" position.

Finalize the filter with a click on "Save segment" button


Now you just need to name the filter and you are good to go with the SMS campaign.

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