SendPulse is a one-stop marketing and sales automation platform. With SendPulse, you can create landing pages, build a subscriber base, send email, web push, and SMS campaigns, create Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram chatbots to close more sales, and manage your sales using CRM.

  • Chatbots


    Change deal statuses in chatbot flows

    From now on, you can edit previously created deals within the same flow. Change your deal status when a specific action is performed, for instance, when creating a request that a manager must approve.

  • Pop-ups


    Use custom variables in pop-ups

    You can now transfer additional data when a user submits a pop-up form from a local browser storage or from your system via API. This option can help you personalize your messages and display pop-ups based on variables.

  • Live chat


    New browser data filters for contacts

    Three new filters are available in the “Audience” tab: current page URL, country, and language. This information is now displayed in your subscribers’ profiles, along with device and operating system data.

  • Live chat


    Copying live chat flows to chatbots and vice versa

    You can now save more time by copying and transferring your chatbot flows from any messaging platform to a live chat and vice versa.
    For instance, you can transfer your WhatsApp chatbot flow to your live chat or copy a successful live chat flow from your website to Instagram Direct.

  • Landing Pages


    Edit mobile and desktop website versions separately

    Make your website design more adaptive by separately editing elements, columns, sections, and blocks of your mobile and desktop website versions. You can customize your element alignment, margins, and background.

  • Landing Pages


    Migrate events to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

    Add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel IDs to your site settings and turn on the corresponding toggle switches in forms’ analytics settings to track your website goal achievements and keep up with the most important events.

  • Landing Pages


    Automated image resizing and optimization

    From now on, every time you upload an image to the “Gallery” and “Image” widgets, the system will automatically create a .webp copy with three size options. Website visitors will see an optimized image or the original one depending on their screen resolution.

  • Landing Pages


    Edit mobile and desktop website versions separately

    Make your website design more adaptive by separately editing elements, columns, sections, and blocks of your mobile and desktop website versions. You can customize your element alignment, margins, and background.

  • Chatbots


    New standard “Catalog order” WhatsApp flow

    Once users place orders using your WhatsApp catalog, an automated “Catalog order” chatbot flow will be triggered. By default, it contains the “Action” element with the “Notify me” command and an automated response to a user.

  • Chatbots


    Waiting for a user’s video response

    Going forward, once a user sends a video file to your chatbot, your flow will be continued. Also, you can now reassign your deal right in the chat.

  • Chatbots


    Generating chatbot subscription pages automatically and using chatbot flow templates

    From now on, gathering chatbot subscribers will become easier: once you set up a new chatbot, our system will automatically generate a bio link page with a subscription button. You should also try our chatbot flow templates for different topics, tasks, and messaging platforms.

  • Pop-ups


    Course payment pop-up

    This new type of pop-up allows prospective students to pay for the course while exploring the curriculum, getting to know your speakers, etc. A website visitor just needs to fill out a form using their personal data, and they will be redirected to your payment page.

  • Online Course Builder


    Updated certificate builder

    You can now add your own logo to your course certificate and edit and rearrange any text elements. Besides, you can customize your title when issuing a diploma, certificate, or any other document. Also, now there are even more certificate formats to choose from — horizontal, vertical, or square.

  • Landing Pages


    Copy and save website blocks

    Once you have set the style for a specific block, you can copy and use it on the current or other pages or save it as a template.

  • Landing Pages


    Disallow website indexing

    You can block search engines from indexing your website while you adjust its content or structure. It will prevent any unfinished pages from appearing in search results.

  • Live chat


    Buttons and quick replies in live chats

    From now on, the live chat flow builder has two new elements: buttons and quick replies. They can be used to link the "Message" element to other flow elements and for following external links, payments, etc.

  • Live chat


    Tracking button click-throughs

    You can now track your button click-throughs and see the recipient names and statuses. You can also continue your flow when a user clicks through your button. There's no need to turn on link tracking in live chat settings.

  • Live chat


    Transferring UTM tags automatically

    Going forward, whenever live chat contacts follow a UTM link to your website, the UTM tags will be automatically saved as variables for each contact. The data will be saved even if the conversation doesn't occur immediately after the initial visit through the UTM link.

  • Live chat


    Dark theme

    With the new dark theme, your website visitors will now have a better live chat experience. There’s no need for extra settings — the dark theme automatically turns on when the user’s operating system is in dark mode.

  • Web Push


    Firebase account in Web Push

    You can now use your Firebase account when adding a website. All you need to do is copy the necessary data from the Cloud Messaging tab. Alternatively, you can keep your SendPulse account as default.

  • Pop-ups


    Subscription confirmation in email capture pop-ups

    We have added double opt-in for pop-up forms, which involves an extra confirmation step to verify each email address. Such a two-step method helps reduce the number of invalid email addresses on your mailing list and prevent your emails from landing in spam.

  • Chatbots


    Connect ChatGPT-16K from OpenAI to your bots

    Generate human-like responses in chats and personalize them based on the conversation topic and previous user messages using the new GPT-3.5-turbo-16k model.

  • General


    Automate your corporate training 🔥

    SendPulse LMS is a convenient online solution that allows you to organize your internal knowledge resources, onboard new employees, and help your colleagues, partners, and customers grow. You will start assessing your employees’ knowledge, certifying your partners, and measuring your team’s progress in no time!

  • Online Course Builder


    Transfer UTM tags when acquiring new students

    Save UTM tags from website subscription and payment forms to your CRM contact fields. Analyze your ad campaigns’ performance and segment your audience to personalize your future interactions. You can also choose on whose behalf you want to reply to a student's question.

  • Landing Pages


    The "Custom code" widget

    Use the new "Custom code" widget to add custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code to your website or landing page.

  • General


    Manage your access levels and create custom user roles

    You can not only assign standard user roles to your team members but also create custom roles, granting access only to the required sections of the SendPulse platform and ensuring data protection.

  • Online Course Builder


    A new course completion criterion

    Leverage the "Without completion" criterion so that students who have passed all your available lessons and tests stay active and wait for new challenges. You can change your course completion criteria and allow students to complete your course anytime.

  • Online Course Builder


    Accept assignments automatically

    From now on, online course instructors will be able to accept their students’ homework assignments automatically. This option is excellent for simple tasks that do not require assessment and obtaining students' consent to the terms of your course.

  • Online Course Builder


    Add several certificates to one course

    If your course consists of several standalone sections, you can add a certificate to each of them. Upload personal certificates so that students can easily access them upon completion of your course.

  • Chatbots


    Speech recognition in chatbots

    Leverage OpenAI's automated speech recognition system, Whisper, to enable subscribers to send voice messages via your chatbot and receive instant replies.

  • Pop-ups


    NPS survey widget for your website

    Leverage our ready-made widget to conduct NPS surveys on your website and measure your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

  • Chatbots


    Free WhatsApp link generator

    Generate a WhatsApp link so that customers can contact you in one click. Add a pre-made message that users can click and trigger your chatbot flows.

  • Chatbots


    Live chats 🔥

    Add a live chat to your website and integrate it with chatbots to be in touch with potential and current customers 24/7. Online chat is integrated with other services of the SendPulse ecosystem.

  • Chatbots


    AI chatbot flow generator

    Be the first to build chatbot flows with AI! Describe what your scenario should look like and specify how many messages you want it to include. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to launch a ready-made Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Telegram chatbot flow.

  • Landing Pages


    Built-in image editor

    From now on, you can alter an already uploaded picture using our built-in image editor — crop, rotate, mirror, add text, or apply filters to your pictures with ease. You can undo or redo any action as needed.

  • Online Course Builder


    Post-payment redirect links

    In your course payment settings, you can manually specify a shared redirect link for all payment methods or a separate one for each.

  • Online Course Builder


    CRM deals upon course payments

    CRM deals can now be automatically created regardless of where payments took place — be it your landing page or a student account Select a course and configure the settings in your CRM system now!

  • Online Course Builder


    Advanced course history

    Using advanced course history, you will be able to track your course program changes and students’ progress. Discover more about event types in our knowledge base.

  • Online Course Builder


    Detailed lesson and test analytics

    In the "Analytics" tab, you can now track students’ progress with each test and lesson. Click a lesson or test name to see your list of students who passed or viewed your lesson and those who passed or failed your test.

  • CRM


    Finding and merging duplicates in CRM

    Get rid of the duplicated contact data by searching for duplicates by name, surname, phone number, or email.

  • CRM


    The image display that is linked to in CRM

    A preview will now appear automatically when adding a link to an image, and the full image will be displayed after publishing. Working with photos of documents, screenshots, etc. has become much more convenient!

  • Online Course Builder


    Upload personalized certificates at SendPulse

    As of now, you can create your own unique certificate in any program you find convenient and upload it to SendPulse. Upload a personalized certificate for each student in PNG or PDF format to mark successful course completion.

  • Online Course Builder


    Make your course newsletters more accessible to students

    You no longer need to export a list of students to create an address book for mailing — simply select the course, progress, and tags of students, and the system will automatically send email addresses to the mailing service.

  • General


    Pay for the SendPulse services with cryptocurrency

    You can now replenish your account balance or pay for any pricing plan using a cryptocurrency wallet. We accept BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC payments.

  • Pop-ups


    The "Show only by launcher" display condition

    If there is a launcher attached to a pop-up, the "Show only by launcher" display condition automatically disables all other display conditions set up for this pop-up.

  • Automation 360


    Email validation in Automation 360

    Now the system automatically checks the subject and body of the email, highlights possible errors in variables and regular expressions, and offers correction options.

  • Pop-ups


    The new pop-up launcher

    The new, tiny pop-up launcher is now available to you. With a simple click on the launcher, the pre-made link, or a massive pop-up with a form for collecting leads will emerge. 

  • Chatbots


    Working with CRM deals and contacts through the chatbot

    From now on, you can view the list of current deals, edit existing deals and change their statuses, as well as create new ones in the chat mode of the contact profile. You can also work with linked CRM contacts.

  • Landing Pages


    Elements animation in the website builder

    Customize the elements animation when scrolling the page to add a touch of gamification to your page.

  • Pop-ups


    Custom data collection form updates

    You can now allow users to select multiple options in your data collection forms. Create a form that transfers the true/false value to a contact card or mailing list when collecting lead contact data.

  • Chatbots


    Editing scheduled chatbot campaigns

    From now on, you can make changes to previously planned campaigns to make automated communications even more convenient. You can edit the newsletter’s content and its sending time.

  • Landing Pages


    An option to hide blocks for desktop and mobile separately

    Now you can show certain blocks only on large screens or smartphones so that your site looks great on any device.

  • Chatbots


    A new chatbot trigger

    Select the "Incoming message contains" trigger type to start the flow right after the keyword is present in the subscriber's message.

  • Pop-ups


    New ready-made templates

    Make use of holiday pop-ups, video pop-ups, modal windows, and many more pre-made templates for lead generation and sales.

  • Pop-ups


    Pop-up installation with the help of Google Tag Manager

    You can install pop-up scripts without the help of programmers or website code settings — just add a record in Google Tag Manager.

  • Landing Pages


    Running fundraisers on websites

    Use the new "Minimal price" payment type to accept donations with a fixed starting amount for a charitable foundation, public or volunteer organization. The option is available on mini-landing pages and websites.

  • Online Course Builder


    Purchasing a course without SendPulse registration

    From now on, payment optimization is even easier: students can pay for your course without registration right from the landing page. After payment, the student will receive an automatic email with the login and password to their learning account.

  • Automation 360


    Meet WhatsApp templates now in automated funnels

    Automatically send templated messages to your WhatsApp chatbot subscribers when certain conditions are met with Automation 360.

  • Chatbots


    Public API for Viber chatbots

    Integrate your system with SendPulse's Viber chatbot service to get detailed information about your account, followers, variables, flows and chats.

  • Landing Pages


    An update on the "Menu" widget in our site builder

    The mobile menu can now be customized separately: set its position and style so that mobile visitors can easily reach the desired section.

  • Pop-ups


    ​​A/B pop-up testing

    Use A/B testing capabilities to compare two or more pop-up versions and determine the most effective one.

  • Landing Pages


    The Website Builder Gallery widget

    Now you can display multiple images on your website as a collage, grid, or carousel to highlight your products, work samples, or reviews.

  • Online Course Builder


    Time-limited course access

    Add a time limit during which a student will have access to courses. A deadline increases engagement, motivates students not to procrastinate, makes learning more productive and focused.

  • Online Course Builder


    A gallery of student certificates

    Students don’t need to return to the course for certificate access. All certificates are now available in a gallery where students can sort, download, or print them.

  • Online Course Builder


    Block «Recommended Courses»

    Engage your course certificate holders in your other online courses to drive sales and earn more. Set up a «Recommended Courses» block if you have multiple courses. This is the easiest way to get those who completed one of your courses back into the sales funnel.

  • Chatbots


    Pause with a dynamic date

    Now you can tailor your Telegram chatbot flows to each subscriber: specify the pause duration until date using a variable of type Date or DateTime and personalize your communication.

  • Online Course Builder


    Updates on the Education by SendPulse app

    Now a student can add multiple domains with courses and switch between them. The app will now display videos that have been added to courses through HTML. We've also worked on other upgrades to make using the app as convenient as it gets.

  • Pop-ups


    Public pop-up management API

    API methods that allow you to integrate the smart pop-up service with other tools.

  • Online Course Builder


    Custom course landing pages

    Design your landing page, and add the necessary blocks, menus, payment forms, and other elements. And also use ready-made landing page templates from the gallery.

  • Chatbots


    The ChatGPT model within chatbots and OpenAI integration

    This AI chatbot model is optimized for chat communication, understands its context, more realistically simulates human conversation, and allows you to use the chatbot as an assistant copywriter.

  • Pop-ups


    Custom data collection forms with drop-down lists

    You can now add a drop-down list to your data collection form to allow users to select an option. Even when you add many list items, your custom form will remain convenient and compact.

  • Chatbots


    Viber chatbots

    Set up automatic message flows, send campaigns, accept payments, and automate business processes using Viber chatbots.

  • CRM


    CRM and Google Calendar integration

    Use this integration to add scheduled events from your calendar to a CRM deals and task tracker and the other way around.

  • Pop-ups


    Custom data collection forms with radio buttons

    A convenient option for lead generation, where radio buttons are added to a data collection form, allowing users to select an option.

  • Chatbots


    Message Cards in chatbot flows

    Cards are generated using the "API Request" block based on the data array from your server: a list of products, recent articles, or info about discounts. And for Telegram chatbots, you can use message cards also in chatbot campaigns. They are formed manually from text, pictures, and buttons.

  • Landing Pages


    Builder of full-size websites

    You can now create multi-paged responsive websites together with mobile landing pages. Enjoy a convenient block builder, SEO optimization and analytic tools options, a ready-made template library, and integration with other SendPulse marketing automation products.

  • Pop-ups


    Sticky bar pop-ups

    A sticky bar is a pop-up attached to the top or bottom of the screen. It is displayed at full width and does not move when scrolling.

  • Online Course Builder


    Education by SendPulse mobile app for students

    Students can use the app: to register for courses, have lessons, take tests and do homework, leave questions for experts, and get feedback from them.

  • Online Course Builder


    Student reviews of courses and lessons

    Get your courses, lessons, and tests assessed by your students. Get all the reviews and analytics in a separate tab. You can choose whether or not to publish students' reviews and filter which reviews and feedback to other students.

  • Online Course Builder


    New to the online-course creation platform

    We've added an option to copy lessons and tests between your courses, select and delete multiple files at once. We’ve also added a section with student information in the expert's account.

  • Email Campaigns


    Image editor

    We've added an image editor to our template builder. Use it to edit images while working on your campaign template.

  • Automation 360


    The automatic funnels service updates

    We have implemented new service features for automating the sales funnel: up to 5 variables in the "Filter" block, triggers for starting section-based flows, an updated builder interface, an option to send flows to the user's primary email address, and other new features.

  • Automation 360


    Online Course Creator and Automation 360 integration

    We have added new triggers to start the funnel and the Action block functionality. These options are focused on working with courses and students. Experts can automate the main steps of the sales funnel and communication.

  • Online Course Builder


    Internal course analytics

    You can analyze your students’ learning process by tracking payments, student engagement, lesson and test statistics, and the number of granted certificates and unanswered student questions.

  • Chatbots


    Updates in chatbots

    We’ve added a DateTime variable for booking day and time, implemented the use of variables on the payment button when specifying the amount, and fixed a flow stop due to an API request error. Updated the settings for skipping user input and extended the bot’s stop time in the "Action" block.

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  • Automation 360


    Meet Automation 360 in the SendPulse mobile app

    Now you can launch, pause, or stop your flows right from the app. Work with the flow analytics and filter the needed results. Update the app to test the new functionality.

  • Chatbots


    Chatbot integration with GPT-3

    This integration grants access to artificial intelligence that makes the chatbot's replies more human-like.

  • Online Course Builder


    A page with course payment statistics

    Analyze all payment details for your online courses. Use a comfy filter to view the statistics on the required courses, student’s name or surname, payment statuses, and currency.

  • Online Course Builder


    Home assignments in the course platform

    Now, experts can add assignments to lessons, accept or reject them, add files to assignments, and write comments in response to student work.

  • Automation 360


    New pipeline features in Automation 360

    Copy elements with all their settings and connections and edit them while viewing statistics.

  • Automation 360


    Copying and convenient block editing in Automation 360

    You can now copy one or more blocks in a flow with settings and links, easily move selected items in the work area, and edit the blocks you want while viewing statistics.

  • Online Course Builder


    Scheduling content availability

    You can schedule sections, lessons, or tests to become available on a specific date or in a specified number of days after the previous ones.

  • Pop-ups


    A service of smart pop-ups

    Launch pop-up forms with various scenarios and tailor them to your website visitors’ behavior. We offer over 60 free pop-up templates.

  • Chatbots


    Flow conversion

    If you copy and transfer a flow, for example, from a Telegram chatbot to a WhatsApp chatbot, you will see hints that highlight possible errors you need to fix.

  • Chatbots


    Accepting donations via chatbots

    Now you can accept non-fixed payments to receive donations via your chatbot.

  • CRM


    Attaching files to deals, tasks, and contacts

    You can add images, videos, audio recordings, and text documents in different formats.

  • Online Course Builder


    Online course dashboard

    View your students' activity, payment info, online course details, and students' questions.

  • Chatbots


    SendPulse Chatbots app update

    Now you can edit and delete messages sent by your Telegram chatbot. We have also changed the player for audio files sent by users, which allows you to listen to voice messages using the app.

  • CRM


    Integration with Binotel

    Make and analyze your calls using the CRM system, monitor your call duration and time, and listen to your call recordings. You can also create deals during incoming and outgoing calls.

  • CRM


    New deal view mode — Calendar

    Now you can view your deals in a calendar and select a specific period of time (month, week, and day).

  • SMS


    URL shortener in our drag and drop editor

    Now in SMS, you can add the product card link from your online store and UTM tags without increasing the link length.

  • SMS


    Link click tracker

    We have added the ability of SMS click-through link tracking and the campaign effectiveness analysis.

  • Chatbots


    Multi merchants from one payment system

    If you have multiple accounts for accepting payments on one payment service, now you can select accounts while setting up payment methods for a particular bot, landing page, or course.

  • Chatbots


    Template messages in WhatsApp chatbot

    Use template messages in the WhatsApp chatbots and avoid the 24-hour session time limit. Also, send automatic messages at the right time using A360 and build flows with long pauses.

  • Chatbots


    Filter for dynamic dates

    Using the new filter, you can compare dates with subscriber's variables dynamic values and build communication based on this information.

  • Online Course Builder


    Online Course Creator

    Create training programs using an online course builder, track the learning process and interact with your students anytime. And also, promote your courses by generating landing pages, and automate sales in a free CRM system.

  • Chatbots


    Send messages for a manually selected audience

    Select subscribers using checkboxes and send them messages from each necessary chatbot flow.

  • Chatbots


    GIF, video, and audio files in a chat

    Now the Telegram and Facebook chatbot functions allow bots to send GIFs, videos, and audio to the chat and recipients to open files in the messenger.

  • Chatbots


    Payment integration in chatbots with Liqpay

    Now bots can accept payments via LiqPay (Privat24).

  • Chatbots


    Notifications about user actions

    We’ve created a system Telegram bot that will notify you about important changes in your SendPulse account.

  • Chatbots


    New filter by payments for Telegram

    Now you can also use the "Filter," "Random," or "API Request" elements to start your flow and then send a message to users.

  • SMS


    Updated workflow with SMS and Viber blacklists

    Your messages will not be sent to blacklisted numbers, even if they are included in your main sending list.

  • SMS


    Excluding numbers from the Viber mailing list

    With this new option, you can exclude certain numbers when sending your campaign to the whole list.

  • Chatbots


    Separate flow start block

    Now you can also use the "Filter," "Random," or "API Request" elements to start your flow and then send a message to users.

  • Chatbots


    Extended functionality for Telegram groups and chats

    You can now check if a bot subscriber is a member of your Telegram group or chat and block or unblock them.

  • Chatbots


    Requesting images and files from a user

    Your bot can request that your subscribers send an image or file and continue the flow once your chatbot gets it.

  • SMS


    Gradual sending of Viber messages

    You can gradually send Viber campaigns to a large contact list by setting up the sending period over the required time. This will reduce the load on your website and customer support team when running marketing campaigns.

  • Chatbots


    Flow history

    Now you can view previously saved versions of your flow in the chatbot builder.

  • Chatbots


    New filters

    You can use new filters for your chatbot flows and audience: opened chat, incoming messages, unread messages, number of followers on Instagram, last activity, and more.

  • Email Campaigns


    Sending of campaigns in parts

    Send your campaign in equal parts when you need to warm up a new domain, IP address, or improve and maintain your sender reputation.

  • Email Campaigns


    Dynamic mailing lists

    You can add new addresses to your mailing list when you schedule an email campaign until it is actually sent. Thanks to this option, both old and recently added subscribers will get your scheduled email.

  • Chatbots


    Integration with Mercado Pago for online payments

    You can add a payment button to chatbots to accept online payments from users with your Mercado Pago account.

  • Chatbots


    Changes to WhatsApp pricing policy

    A new pricing policy for the WhatsApp Business API with a fee for business-initiated conversations enters into force. The first 1,000 sessions per month are free.

  • SMS


    Scandinavian sender name

    Use a registration form to become a message sender from Scandinavian countries.

  • SMS


    Checking content when sending SMS to China

    Registration of content through a special form ensures fast and high deliverability of messages to Chinese numbers.

  • Chatbots


    More triggers for Instagram bots

    Automatically send a message via Instagram Direct to users who commented on your Instagram post or live stream.

  • SMS


    Sender registering in Kazakhstan

    We updated the form for submitting international sender names.

  • CRM


    Integration of subscription forms with CRM

    Collect leads via a subscription form and transfer them to your CRM to create new contacts and deals.

  • CRM


    Filter by custom variables

    You can now filter your CRM contacts by variables you’ve created yourself.

  • SMS


    One more country to register a sender name

    Use a form to register your sender name in Turkey.

  • Chatbots


    Integration with Stripe for online payments

    You can add a payment button to chatbots to accept online payments from users with your Stripe account.

  • Email Campaigns


    Address processing statuses

    When working with email addresses, you can now check their processing status — whether they are in the downloading, copying, or transferring stage.

  • CRM


    Filters for completed deals

    You can view and filter information about completed deals and bring these deals back to work.

  • Chatbots


    Payment statistics and filter

    In the payment system integration section, you can filter payments by date and view the number of payments and their amount.

  • Landing Pages


    Online payments

    You can now accept online payments for your products from your pages via PayPal, Fondy, Stripe, and other payment systems.

  • Chatbots


    Integration with Robokassa for accepting payments

    You can add a payment button to the chatbot of your Robokassa store for accepting user payments.

  • Chatbots


    Transferring variables when subscribing to a chatbot

    You can transfer different variables to your SendPulse account every time a user subscribes to your chatbot via a widget or link.

  • Chatbots


    Product cards for WhatsApp

    If you have a product catalog in Facebook Commerce Manager, you can add a product card to your WhatsApp chatbot messages.

  • CRM


    CRM dashboard

    There is now a data dashboard that provides full visibility into your pipelines, deals, and assigned team members.

  • Chatbots


    New chatbot filters

    You can divide your bot flow based on new filters: whether a user follows your Instagram profile, days of the week, and the time a certain element was triggered. For example, you can use this option to send specific auto-replies to users interacting with your bot outside working hours or on weekends.

  • Email Campaigns


    Fewer blocks in the transaction email service

    If a sender gets excessive complaints, their email campaign won't be blocked automatically but will be sent slower.

  • Web Push


    Copying your web push campaign

    For you not to waste your time creating a new web push notification, you can copy an existing one from the list of sent or scheduled campaigns.

  • CRM


    Several contacts for a single deal

    We’ve added the possibility to add multiple contacts to one deal.

  • Chatbots


    Public API for Instagram chatbots

    Using our public API for Instagram chatbots, you can integrate your system with our chatbot service to collect information about accounts, bots, subscribers, variables, flows, and chats. You can also create campaigns, launch flows, and assign and remove variables and tags.

  • Web Push


    Sending web push messages using direct publishing to a processing queue

    You can now send your triggered web push messages faster with fewer blocks.

  • Chatbots


    Editing sent messages in Telegram

    We’ve added the possibility to edit sent messages in your Telegram chats.

  • CRM


    Contact import

    Now you can import a list of contacts with fields to your CRM to add new contacts or change information in existing contacts.

  • CRM


    SendPulse CRM API

    Now you can integrate your system with CRM from SendPulse using our API.

  • CRM


    Display options for your deals

    To make your work with deals easier, you can specify what fields to hide or show in your list.

  • Landing Pages


    New types of statistics

    Now we provide more data for you to analyze and improve your website conversions and sales.

  • Chatbots


    The “Story mention” trigger for Instagram bots

    Now you can send chatbot auto-replies in Direct to users every time they mention your company in their Stories.

  • SMS


    New terms for sending Viber service messages

    You can now send Viber service messages only using registered templates.

  • Email Campaigns


    Editing of scheduled email campaigns

    To change anything in your scheduled email campaign, you had to delete it and create a new one. Now, you can edit such an email whenever you need.

  • SMS


    Updated SMS moderation

    Your service messages are now sent faster, as they are no longer waiting to be sent in the general SMS queue.

  • CRM


    Custom variables in contact list

    Now you can show and hide variables in the contact list.

  • CRM


    Сontact export from your CRM to mailing lists

    You can export all your CRM contacts and their information manually or automatically to mailing lists.

  • CRM


    CRM and payments integration

    Add a payment button and you can continue working with the client after payment because the contact will be automatically added to the CRM funnel.

  • Email Campaigns


    HTML code for subscription forms

    Customize the style of your subscription form. Add its display conditions, field character limits, and more.

  • Landing Pages


    SSL certificates

    We automatically generate a free SSL certificate when you connect your site’s domain. The page becomes secure, and visitors can safely submit their sensitive information to your server.

  • Landing Pages


    QR code generator

    You can now create a QR code and place it on presentations, business cards, billboards, etc., to redirect users to your landing page.

  • Landing Pages


    Integration with our CRM

    You can now generate new leads on your website and automatically transfer them as contacts to your CRM.

  • Landing Pages


    Custom code in head and body tags

    We implemented the option that allows you to add additional events for analytics, install widgets, or embed any third-party script to your site.

  • Landing Pages


    "Countdown" and "FAQ" elements

    You can now use a "Countdown" element to add a customizable timer to your site and a "FAQ" element to answer visitors’ common questions about your services, prices, and so on.

  • Landing Pages


    File manager

    We added a file manager that allows you to manage the images added through the website builder.

  • Landing Pages


    Advanced settings for the “Gallery” element

    You can now add multiple images and videos to the “Gallery” element to create a carousel.

  • Chatbots


    Continuing a flow without a user’s response

    Now your bot can continue the flow without waiting for the user's response. You can also set up a specific period to wait for user response.

  • Chatbots


    Buttons in WhatsApp bot flows

    You can use buttons to connect your chatbot flows — it’s allowed to add up to 3 buttons.

  • CRM


    Editing and deleting comments

    Add comments manually to the deal card or the contact card.

  • Landing Pages


    Content width

    We added settings to adjust your site width. You can set up the minimum width of 420 px and the maximum of 780 px. When you select the maximum width for the desktop version of your site, it also adapts for mobile devices.

  • CRM


    Several chatbots in the contact or deal card

    If a contact has several chatbots, you can choose a relevant chatbot for communication.

  • Landing Pages


    New "Timer" element

    A new "Timer" element is available with the PRO plan and above.

  • Landing Pages


    Facebook meta tag

    The Facebook meta tag has appeared in PRO tariffs and above.

  • Landing Pages


    New free domains

    Add new free domains, and for publishing sites.

  • CRM


    Messengers in the contact card

    Now you can specify instant messengers and filter contacts in the contact card.

  • CRM


    Chatbot integration with CRM

    The integration helps you set up a target action of the chatbot message and fixate it like the finished deal and the contact in your CRM.

  • Chatbots


    Seamless WhatsApp connection

    You can connect your number to the WhatsApp Business API using your Facebook Business account in just 5 minutes.

  • Landing Pages


    Updated list of free domains

    We extend the list of free domains for publishing sites.

  • Chatbots


    The “Random” element

    This element allows you to randomly divide your chatbot flow into scenarios. You can customize the recipient group size for each option.

  • Email Campaigns


    Counting unique contacts

    The list of unique subscribers allows you to track the number of recipients of your email within a month from the moment your pricing plan has been activated.

  • CRM


    CRM filters

    You can filter contacts by adding a period, owner, contact detail, source, messenger type and name, tag, etc.

  • Chatbots


    New communication channel: WhatsApp chatbots and campaigns

    You can now automate the process of communicating with your customers on WhatsApp by setting up campaigns and chatbots.

  • Email Campaigns


    Tag system

    Depending on your contact tags, you can create and send relevant emails with different content to your subscribers.

  • Landing Pages


    Website builder beta

    Build your landing pages and promote by sending the link to your subscribers through email, SMS, or chatbot messages. Publish them for free with an offered domain or connect your unique domain to increase brand awareness and get more website visitors. 

  • Chatbots


    Launching chatbot flows for an individual subscriber

    You can now see particular flows where a user is in the sending queue. It’s possible to remove them from this queue or launch a chatbot flow manually.

  • Email Campaigns


    Transferring money to your Viber balance

    Now you can transfer money from your main balance to your balance in our Viber service.

  • Chatbots


    Connecting messages in your chatbot flow without using buttons

    This option will give you more flexibility in your chatbot flows — send messages to subscribers after a fixed time without waiting for interactions.

  • Chatbots


    SendPulse Chatbot App for iOS and Android

    Our new app stores all of your bot chats with subscribers in one place, enabling you to keep in touch with them from anywhere.

  • Chatbots


    User payments in chatbots

    You can add a checkout button to your chatbot message templates and accept user payments to your PayPal and YooMoney accounts.

  • Chatbots


    The "API Request" element

    You can send POST/GET requests to external systems to get the required data and use it for your chatbot flows.

  • Chatbots


    The “Filter” element

    A new element, “Filter,” will allow you to branch your flow based on different criteria: variables, tags, campaigns received, etc. You can combine different filter conditions.

  • Chatbots


    Public API for chatbots

    Using our public API for chatbots, you can collect information about accounts, bots, subscribers, variables, flows, and chats. You can also create campaigns, launch flows, and assign and remove variables and tags.

  • Email Campaigns


    Multi-factor authentication

    Multi-factor authentication secures access to your account. Authorization can be set up via SMS or with the help the Google Authenticator app.

  • Chatbots


    New communication channel: Telegram chatbots

    We’ve launched another communication channel so that you can use our chatbot builder to create a multifunctional Telegram chatbot. It can reply to your customer questions and collect their data.

  • Chatbots


    Waiting for the subscriber’s input data

    We’ve added a possibility to create polls and gather and store user data to use it in your next messages.

  • Chatbots


    Chatbot builder

    We’ve launched a full-fledged chatbot builder that allows you to create auto-reply flows based on keywords and time. To connect flow elements, you can use buttons and quick replies.

  • Chatbots


    Campaigns and chats in Facebook Messenger

    The first version of our messenger section: subscription widgets, chats with subscribers, chatbot campaigns, and bot auto-replies in Facebook Messenger.

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